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Lounge & Breakfast
Hotel life around the lounge

In an open space that you can use at any time,
reading a book while drinking coffee
Exchange information about the city with other newly met guests.

If you are a little tired of eating out, use the shared kitchen
You can also cook with the ingredients you brought in.

Enjoy various aspects of hotel life centered around the lounge.



Breakfast is served buffet style. From August 2022, the new “Morning Curry for Businessmen” is a “morning” curry supervised by a maestro chef who works in the Fuji no Kuni capital of food. The white rice is Kinmemai rice grown in Oigawa, which is grown in the running water of Mt. Fuji. Medical rice with plenty of dietary fiber. Enjoy bread, granola, and egg dishes.

Business hours 7:00-9:00
​Place 1F lounge
​Amount Free service

welcome drinks

A welcome drink is provided after check-in. Please spend a relaxing time to heal the tiredness of your trip.

Business hours 15:00-22:00
(alcohol from 17:00)
​Place 1F lounge
​Amount Free service
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